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The Team That’s Connecting the World

Beam is all about enabling people to connect with each other
in a more human way no matter where they are physically.

We want your talent.
We value an inventive mindset.
We offer enviable compensation.
We believe in diversity and inclusion.
We foster a supportive culture.
We appreciate a happy workplace.

About Suitable Technologies, Inc.

Beam® and BeamPro® have transformed human interaction in an increasingly virtual world. These groundbreaking devices use dependable, effortless mobility; high-quality, lifelike audio and video; and low-latency transmission via Internet connections to create an immersive human experience known as Beam Presence®. Built from the ground up using proprietary software and algorithms, all communications running through our system are encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

Small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and individuals use Beam Presence® to give customers, co-workers and family a natural, human way to effectively connect in real time no matter where they are.

Founded in 2011, Suitable Technologies, Inc. designs and manufacturers Beam® and BeamPro® at its Palo Alto, California headquarters. Find out more at Follow at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re Hiring!

Working at Suitable Technologies, Inc. provides new and exciting opportunities to transform human interaction in an increasingly virtual world. Two core products — Beam® and BeamPro® — are designed and manufactured in our Palo Alto, California headquarters. These groundbreaking devices employ dependable, effortless mobility and high-quality, lifelike audio and video for an immersive human experience known as Beam Presence®. Businesses, schools, and individuals use Beam Presence to give their customers, co-workers, and families a natural way to connect and collaborate no matter where they are.