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Beam enhances productivity and innovation and transforms remote collaborations in the corporate setting by creating stronger, more human bonds so essential to establishing today’s vibrant business relationships.

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Save Time, Money, and Hassle from Travel

Corporate travel can take you across town or across the globe. It’s been one of those necessary
evils that eat up precious time and monetary resources. Beam can take you where you need
to be at the click of a button.
  • Eliminate travel expenses with reduced in-person meetings
  • Reduce work backlog that comes from being out of the office
  • Lower employee burnout and fatigue
  • Encourage spontaneous meetings that lead to new solutions
  • Beam in independently without a colleague needing to set up a call or answer their phone

Connections that Work

No matter where they might be located, it’s vital to know your customers and colleagues.
Part of communication is non-verbal, providing vital feedback during collaborations and client meetings.
  • Establish face-to-face relationships with clients
  • Forge tighter employee bonds in a widely dispersed workforce
  • Build trust with vendors and partners
  • Promote inclusiveness and visibility with remote workers
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Personal Balance in the Corporate World

Whether you’re working for an established company or starting a new venture of your own,
personal and business responsibilities don’t have tidy boundaries in today’s 24/7 life.
Beam brings more balance to the demands in any person’s day.
  • Be available and “present” in the office for unplanned needs
  • Participate more fully in meetings when remote, including conversations that happen in the hallway
  • Address an unexpected situation without heading to the office
  • Quickly solve issues by finding relevant people
  • Connect with family and friends when work heads into overtime or overseas

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video make meetings and conferences come alive.

Heights you can look employees, colleagues and clients in the eyes.

and Sensors you can navigate around desks with ease.

Mobility you can move freely around any office.

Who benefits from Beam?

Employers, employees, clients, managers, consultants, partners, and board members.
Here are some of their stories.

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R&D Lab

Microsoft Research

"Writing software is easy. Getting everyone to work on the same thing is hard."


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Distributed Teams


"We completely eliminated all conference calls... we have three Beams, and you can almost always have a face to face meeting."