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Cultural Arts

While Beam is indispensible at work, it’s also proving to be a game-changer at play. From museums and concert halls to parks and historical sights, event organizers and venue directors are tapping into the possibilities surrounding the newest ideas in tech tourism.

The Virtual Open Road

Beam can help you create broader appeal and new revenue streams by opening your doors to people who previously found cultural experiences inaccessible or to those researching what your site has to offer.
  • Provide live previews of your facility to prospective guests
  • Offer special tour packages to homebound visitors
  • Increase attendance with novel ways of experiencing the venue
  • Collaborate with other tourist businesses in your neighborhood
  • Broaden exposure through new audiences
  • All together
  • Virtual Open Road 04
  • All Together 09
  • All Together 08
  • All Together 07

All Together Now

This untapped market is driven by any number of personal constraints that affect people on either a long-term or temporary basis. Some visitors might be in a wheelchair or afraid to drive at night, but would otherwise join in the fun. Your patron may have purchased a ticket and then unexpectedly had to stay home on the day of the event. Many people simply live too far away from an activity they would love to attend.
  • Make your lecture or workshop accessible to people in other cities
  • Open your rally or city meeting to participants with scheduling conflicts
  • Establish your brand as an innovator in accessibility for the disabled
  • Build networking possibilities at professional conferences
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary practice with other arts organizations

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video make concerts and lectures come alive.

Heights visitors can view exhibits naturally.

and Sensors patrons can navigate venues with ease.

Mobility you can make the world a more accessible place.

Who benefits from Beam?

Tourism promoters, event planners, venue directors, museums, civic organizations, galleries, bookstores, concert halls, theatres, hoteliers, historic sites, travel marketers, local chambers of commerce, and learning institutions. Here are some of their stories.

Cultural Arts - Grid - Obama


Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary

“President Barack Obama greets Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project Founder and Project Coordinator via Beam Pro.”


Cultural Arts - Grid - Mob life


Las Vegas' Mob Museum

“We certainly see Beam use growing in the museum and cultural arts markets.”


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