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Beam enriches learning experiences, expands educational access, and increases teaching effectiveness for students and educators in K–12 and higher education settings.

  • The World is Your Classroom

    The Internet has given us access to a world of information. Beam takes that to a whole new level, enabling students and teachers to travel to any location that affords them an opportunity to learn and grow.
    • Watch experts in real time in the lab or in the field
    • Visit special events or venues off campus anywhere in the world
    • Bring guest lecturers and experts into the classroom
    • Develop foreign-exchange student opportunities
  • The World is Your Classroom
  • The World is Your Classroom image 02
  • World Classroom 03
  • Create New Ways of Learning
  • Create New Ways of Learning2
  • Max On Beam In Classroom
  • Make Your Classroom More Accessible

    Time and budgets are always a challenge for educators. Educators not only need to develop strategies to reach students in ways that address their individual needs and abilities, but also develop social and collaboration skills.
    • Allow student accessibility from home when sick or unable to attend
    • Enable students to collaborate on projects from various locations
    • Give remote students access to professors and group collaboration
    • Promote social activities in hallways, cafeterias and assemblies
  • Technology That Makes a Difference

    Beam operates on a dedicated and secure global network. Its easy-to-use technology is inherently flexible enough to address the individual needs of students, parents and educators alike.
    • Allow parent or professional attendance or monitoring
    • Empower parents to attend conferences from work
    • Collaborate with colleagues in real time across the globe
    • Observe TAs and student teachers in action
    • Invite a student-athlete recruit to meet coaches without travel
  • Technology3
  • Technology That Makes a Difference image 02
  • Technology That Makes a Difference

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video make lectures and lessons come alive.

Heights interact with students whether they’re seated or standing.

and Sensors you can navigate the classroom with ease.

Mobility you can travel anywhere on campus.

Who benefits from Beam?

Teachers, students, parents, administrators, professors, faculty, researchers, teaching assistants, volunteers, and coaches.
Here are some of their stories.

Education - Case Study - Kavita Krishnaswamy

Remote Students

Kavita Krishnaswamy

Kavita attends many events and conferences with the Beam, by Suitable Technologies, allowing her independence and mobility to meet, learn, and network with professionals all over the world.


Education - Case Study - Synapse School

Educational Professionals

Synapse School

"What the Beam has allowed us to do is to bring in incredibly talented people to not only visit with our teacher and to have that interview but also to see the school and take a tour."