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Beam’s safe and reliable technology delivers Beam Presence®, bringing healthcare professionals and patients together across distances to provide better outcomes, broader access to expertise, quicker responses, and a more personal touch.

  • Healthcare - On Call from Anywhere
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  • On Call from Anywhere

    We don’t have to tell you how demanding the healthcare landscape is today with larger patient rolls and greater emphasis on results. Telemedicine can improve efficiency while giving you quality time with patients and staff.
    • Visit patients and staff in remote clinics
    • Deliver after-hours care no matter where you are
    • Conduct remote rounds
  • At-home Assistance

    Often care is more successful when the patient can be at home. However, having experts and family available to visit can reduce re-admissions and increase a sense of comfort.
    • Allow aging-in-place
    • Check in by health team and family
    • Assist in telemental and other telehealth services
  • Healthcare Homecare
  • Technology You Can Trust
  • Technology You Can Trust

    Beam operates on a dedicated and secure global network. Its easy-to-use technology put the focus on your healthcare providers and patients alike.
    • Protect patient privacy with encrypted communication
    • Easily move through the environment and engage along the way
    • Engage in real-time with clear audio and video

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video make treatment
and diagnosis more personal.

Heights interact with patients
in a chair or on an exam table.

and Sensors you can navigate
the clinic with ease.

Mobility you can move without reliance on busy staff

Who benefits from Beam?

Patients, primary care physicians, specialists, home health providers, family members, pharmacists, and medical device manufacturers.
Here are some of their stories.

Healthcare - Case Study - InMedic

Health Professionals


"Being medical director, sometimes I need to be in two or three places at once. Having Beam on my side, I am able to effectively complete my responsibilities, such as training physicians who are working with me."


Healthcare - Case Study - Miramont

Medical Care

Miramont Family Medicine

"It’s amazing how quickly the technology itself fades away and you find yourself interacting with those in the room as naturally as you would otherwise."