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Whether the plant is in Louisville or Singapore, Beam opens up manufacturing operations to cutting-edge communications that can streamline day-to-day production and grow sales opportunities without leaving the office.

  • Manufacturing - Grow without the Go
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  • Grow without the Go

    Manufacturing is one of the most challenging working environments
    because every product is inherently custom, requiring a factory with
    its own special systems and processes.

    Overseeing all those moving parts has never been easier.
    • Review production daily without traveling
    • Monitor progress and shipments
    • Create a transparent process for the client
    • Maintain factory quality and timelines
    • Address issues first-hand in real time

Balancing the Scales

To a salesperson, there’s nothing more effective than showing
potential customers how their product is made and why your
facility is uniquely qualified to produce it.

Now they can do that and still be home for dinner at night.
  • Meet clients in-house for sales meetings
  • Tour the factory and show off capabilities
  • Attend trade shows and bring customers with you
  • Train buyers how to use and care for their purchase
  • Balancing the Scales
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Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video show off your
capabilities in real time.

Heights bring human scale to any production environment.

and Sensors you can navigate the manufacturing floor with ease.

Mobility you can monitor
progress from anywhere.

Who benefits from Beam?

Manufacturers, logistics specialists, compliance experts, engineers, quality assurance personnel, customers, and suppliers.
Here are some of their stories.

Manufacturing - Case Study - The Kiteboat Project

Supervise Project

The Kiteboat Project

The Kiteboat Project & Kai Concepts President, Don Montague, keeps up with his team while on travel - the Kiteboat Project demonstrates how much power the wind
can generate.


Manufacturing - Case Study - Power Bright

Overseas Manufacturers

Power Bright

"In order to oversee our factory in China, we are able to
remotely connect to the factory, view production; we also allow our customers to remotely connect to the Beam and view their own production and inspect their goods."


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