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No one has to tell you that retail has changed in a big way. With Beam, you can meet that challenge and dramatically improve how you reach consumers, provide services and build brand loyalty.

  • Retail - Opening the Virtual Doors
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  • Brick-and-Mortar 2.0

    Some brands will always have a physical presence because
    part of a shopper’s reason for buying is the in-store experience.
    Beam opens the possibilities to retailers looking to create
    or enhance this kind of environment.

    • Bring a style consultant into the store to help shoppers
    • Manage staffing fluctuations using remote store staff
    • Reduce district management travel for staff meetings and floor walk throughs
    • Engage shoppers outside the doors encouraging them to browse
  • Opening the Virtual Doors

    Shopping on a screen might be easy, but there’s often something missing.
    Moving through a store gives a sense of the brand experience.
    • Broaden access to people with disabilities or transportation issues
    • Begin a personal shopper or customer loyalty program
    • Provide concierge services or answer questions in a larger space
      such as an airport or mall
  • Brick-and-Mortar 2.0
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  • Wholesale Renewal
  • Wholesale Renewal

    Beam also helps the wholesale side of the supply chain by giving
    distributors a new tool to meet growing customer expectations
    for personalized service options.
    • Connect with purchasers to stay tuned-in to their preferences and market trends
    • Bring retailers onto the warehouse floor to help with inventory management
    • Get immediate feedback on new processes and products

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video engage shoppers while providing service.

Heights customers can
talk eye-to-eye.

and Sensors make perusing
the store safe and natural.

Mobility you can proactively
engage shoppers

Who benefits from Beam?

Shop owners, chain stores, buyers, wholesalers, distributors, and salespeople.
Here are some of their stories.

Retail - Case Study - American Eagle

Remote Shopping

American Eagle

From The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill, a pair of students from the adult day school, a private school for ages 5 to 21 with severe physical disabilities and neurological impairments, and one teen from the institute’s outpatient unit, shopped for their back-to-school clothes.


Retail - Case Study - RoboBusiness

Showcase Products

RoboBusiness 2013

Nearly 100 people beamed into RoboBusiness 2013, hosted in Santa Clara, CA, from countries including Australia, Turkey, India, Japan, and more. A total of 127 hours of calls were made, equivalent to 5 days of continuous conversation, and the ability for participants to connect with different exhibitors via Beam was truly amazing.