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From cities to rural areas, our customers are using Beam to improve their personal and professional lives – gaining extra hours, aligning with green initiatives, expanding access, and exploring untapped possibilities.

Case Studies

Beam in Action

Beam in Use

PRODUCTS - Case Study 1 - Microsoft

R&D Lab

Microsoft Research

"Writing software is easy. Getting everyone to work on the same thing is hard."


PRODUCTS - Case Study 2 - Humin

Distributed Teams


"We completely eliminated all conference calls... we have three Beams, and you can almost always have a face to face meeting."


PRODUCTS - Case Study 3 - Yaskawa Motoman

Remote Employees

Yaskawa Motoman

"I wouldn't be able to take care of my family, and still be effective at work, if it wasn't for Beam."


PRODUCTS - Case Study 4 - InMedic

Health Professionals


"Being medical director, sometimes I need to be in two or three places at once. Having Beam on my side, I am able to effectively complete my responsibilities, such as training physicians who are working with me."


PRODUCTS - Case Study 5 - Summit Imaging

Medical Device Manufacturers

Summit Imaging

"We use the Beams almost every day. That’s why we have two. Sometimes we will have a customer coming in to visit us, and at the same time we'll have an employee attending a meeting."


PRODUCTS - Case Study 6 - Power Bright

Overseas Manufacturers

Power Bright

"In order to oversee our factory in China, we are able to remotely connect to the factory, view production; we also allow our customers to remotely connect to the Beam and view their own production and inspect their goods."



40% of Fortune 50 companies use Beam.

  • Customers-Walmart
  • Customers-General-motors
  • Customers-ATT
  • Customers-Metlife
  • Customers-Exxon
  • Customers-Microsoft
  • Customers-HP
  • Customers-Target
  • Customers-Ford-motor
  • Customers-Google
  • Customers-Citigroup
  • Customers-Amazon
  • Customers-IBM
  • Customers-Fannie-mae
  • Customers-Johnson--johnson
  • Customers-General-electric
  • Customers-Verizon
  • Customers-Boeing
  • Customers-Procter-and-gamble