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Operation and Setup

Pilot Setup - Perfect Your Beam Look

When piloting a Beam in a professional setting, you want to look your best on camera. Consider the following recommendations for preparing your piloting environment.


  • Dedicate a 6 x 8 ft. area for your computer setup.


  • Select a solid-colored wall with minimal artwork or decor.
  • If using a backdrop, position the easel so the backdrop fills the entire video frame on the Beam application.


  • Avoid positioning yourself with your back to a window.
  • Lighting should be directed toward your face.
  • Consider LED lighting for a crisp look.


  • Place your monitor at the rear edge of the table.
  • Please your webcam at the top, center of your monitor.
  • Place your keyboard at the front edge of the table.
  • Place the microphone toward the front edge of the table and keep it as close to your chin as possible while keeping it out of view of your webcam.
  • Position the Beam application window just beneath your webcam. This will lead your eyes to the focus area around the camera, giving the Beam viewer the feeling of direct eye contact with the pilot.

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