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Operation and Setup

Consumer vs. Enterprise Administration

All Beams come with a web-based management interface accessible to account holders who have been granted administrative privileges. The interface allows administrators to manage devices and users within an organization. 

The type of administrative database assigned to an organization is determined by the Beam System(s) housed within.

Beam Standard(s) ONLY = Consumer Admin Tool

The Consumer Admin Tool offers features to allow for basic managerial tasks which include, but are not limited to:

  • Inviting new users
  • Editing Beam details
  • Editing organization details
  • Promoting multiple users to Managers
    Note: Manager permissions differ from that of the primary administrator.

consumer admin tool


BeamPro or Beam Enhanced = Enterprise Admin Tool

The Enterprise Admin Tool offers enhanced management capabilities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Inviting new and temporary users
  • SSO authentication using: OneLogin, Okta, and AD FS
  • Assigning access times to users/user groups
  • Importing multiple users via CSV 
  • Beam Management API
  • Reserving Beams
  • Editing Beam details
  • Editing organization details
  • Beam Activity Reporting
  • Promoting multiple users as organization administrators

enterprise admin tool

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