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Unpacking Instructions

Follow the illustrated instructions below to unpack your new Beam.

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  1. Open box to expose contents. 

    beam unpacking 01

  2. Remove head and base padding so that the Beam is exposed for removal. Set aside the keyboard.

    beam unpacking 02

  3. Gently remove the Beam from the box. We recommend two people for this task.

    beam unpacking 03

  4. Remove the charging base. Be sure to check for any plastic wrapping that may still be attached to the charging dock.

    beam unpacking 04

  5. Plug the charging dock into the wall socket. (120V / 220V / 240V)

    beam unpacking 05

  6. Roll the Beam onto the charger to start the setup process.

    beam unpacking 06

  7. The Beam will automatically power on when docked.

    beam unpacking 07

  8. Using the USB keyboard provided, insert the cable into one of the two USB ports located under the face of the Beam to begin setup.

    beam unpacking 08

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