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Are you ready to set up your Beam? Do you have technical questions about Beam? Our step-by-step instructions are short, clear and paired with helpful how-to videos. We have answers to your frequently asked questions, a Customer Success team ready to assist, and an impressive online knowledge base... all to resolve any issues you might have connecting or operating your Beam.

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Manage Beams

Invite people to use your Beams and more.


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Beam Software

Connect and drive Beams from your computer.




Outage Notice

In the afternoon of Wednesday Feb 1st 2023, customers reported that they were unable to log into the Beam application and were presented with the following error message ‘Incorrect email and password. Please edit and try again’

Date and Time of Incident: Wed Feb 1 16:19:02 UTC 2023

Date and Time of Resolution: Thu Feb 2 05:37:26 UTC 2023


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