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BeamPro Battery


BeamPro Battery Specifications




Deka Dominator 8-G22-NF




Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Gel




Approximate Dimensions


9 3/8 in (L) x 5 1/2 in (W) x 9 1/4 in (H)


Approximate Weight


39.75 lbs or (17kg)










BeamPro uses a GEL Cell, non-spillable, maintenance-free battery. This battery ships under IATA UN2800, class 8, special provision A67. Our products do NOT use Lithium-Ion batteries; therefore, IATA UN3171 classification is not applicable. 
Special Provision A67 states: 

"A67 Non-spillable batteries meeting the requirements of Packing Instruction 806 are not subject to these Instructions if, at a temperature of 55°C, the electrolyte will not flow from a ruptured or cracked case. The battery must not contain any free or unabsorbed liquid. When packaged for transport, the terminals must be protected from short circuit such as by the use of non-conductive caps that entirely cover the terminals."

Packing Instruction 806 states in part: 
"Batteries must be protected against short circuit and must be securely packed in strong outer packaging."


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