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SD Card Exchange

Each BeamPro comes with a synchronized SD card that is preprogrammed with proprietary software used exclusively for your BeamPro device. A spare SD card is also provided in the event a software error occurs.

ATTENTION: Please do not remove an SD card from a BeamPro unless instructed to do so by Beam personnel. 

SD Card Exchange Procedure
  1. Disconnect the BeamPro from the charging dock
  2. Press the power button at the rear of the base to shut down the device
  3. Remove the existing SD card located behind the back head hatch
    Note: Please dispose of the corrupt SD card responsibly. 
  4. Locate the spare SD card secured to the inside of the back head hatch
  5. Insert new/spare SD card
  6. Press the power button to reboot the BeamPro
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure a network if necessary
  8. Share the pairing key generated with the assisting Beam professional

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