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Unit Assembly

Required Components for BeamPro Setup

  • BeamPro Head
  • BeamPro Base
  • BeamPro Charging Dock
  • Dock Power Cable
  • USB Keyboard
  1. Ask a helper to assist with the unpacking and assembly process.
    beampro assembly
  2. Pull on the tag to open the Beam base lid. The tag may be discarded after use.
    beampro assembly 01
  3. Loosen the levers on both sides of the base.
     beampro assembly 02
  4. Align the Beam legs to each holder. One person should hold the head while another person feeds the wires into the base.
    beampro assembly 03

  5. Pull the wires through the holder. Then carefully slide the head piece down into place. 
    Note: Be careful to not pinch the wires.
    beampro assembly 04
  6. Tighten the handles to secure the legs and head.
    beampro assembly 05
  7. Connect data and ground cables.
    beampro assembly 06
  8. Connect battery cable.
    beampro assembly 07

  9. Replace the base lid. Begin with front alignment, then lay rear into place.
    beampro assembly 08

  10. Press the button at the back of the base to power on the device. A booting jingle will sound.
    beampro assembly 09

  11. At the back of the head, push and lift on the tabs near the bottom to remove the hatch.
    beampro assembly 10
  12. Insert a keyboard into the USB port, then follow the on-screen instructions.
    beampro assembly 11

  13. When the setup is complete, remove the keyboard, reattach the hatch and remove the sticker.
    beampro assembly 12

  14. Connect the power cord to the back of the dock and into an outlet, then guide the BeamPro onto the dock. The light on the dock will turn green when the BeamPro is charging.

    Note: Keep your Beam on the charging dock when not in use to avoid battery drainage. Click here for more information on long-term storage.

    beampro assembly 13

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