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Consumer Admin Tool

Change Primary Administrator

The primary administrator is automatically assigned to the email account that establishes a Consumer Beam Organization. The primary administrator has full managerial control of the organization.

If the primary administrator email is changing for any reason, a new organization must be created. The Beam(s) must be unlinked from the existing organization by the current primary administrator and later linked to the new organization by the preferred primary administrator. The Beam details and user information does not follow the device and therefore must be re-entered upon creating the new organization. Visit to register your new email and link your device(s).

We understand this process may not suit the needs of every user. As an alternative, the existing primary administrator may choose to invite the new email address to the organization and promote the new account to device manager for each device within the organization. In this case, the primary administrator would remain the same, but the new account would be allowed to perform basic managerial tasks.

- Note: A device manager cannot make organizational changes including linking and unlinking Beams.

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