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Desktop Application

Driving Beam

To connect to any Beam device, you must download and install the Beam Software Application to your system of choice. Click for a list of Beam Software Installers.
To Begin a Beam Session 
  1. Launch and log into the Beam app and follow the on-screen instructions.  
  2. Upon successful log in, you’ll be presented with a list of Beams to which you have access.
  3. To connect to a Beam, click on the blue Beam In button.
Beam App Pilot Settings
  1. Ensure your camera is positioned properly and that you’re fully visible on the video feed of yourself.
    You can adjust this setting from the Options > Video menu.
  2. Control how loud you are to the locals by adjusting the microphone slider on the Session Toolbar.  
    Recommended microphone value: 0
  3. Control how loud Beam locals are to you with the speaker slider located on the Session Toolbar. 
    Recommended speaker value: 80
  4. See the Session Toolbar menu below for more details regarding session viewing capability and functionality.
Guiding the Beam
  1. Driving Options:
    1. Keyboard Arrow Keys: (Up = Forward) (Down = Backward) (Left = Left) (Right = Right)
    2. Keyboard Keys: (W=Forward) (S=Backward) (A=Left) (D=Right)
    3. Mouse: Click inside the navigation view to activate your mouse. Hard click and hold while guiding your mouse. Move your cursor away from the Beam base to move faster. 
    4. Xbox Controller: Press and hold the Drive button while moving the joystick
      Note: Xbox One controllers are not currently supported.
  2. Press and hold the Shift key and arrow keys simultaneously to accelerate.
    Note: This functionality is only available on BeamPro and Beam Enhanced models.
  3. Use caution as you move the Beam around people and objects. Always be aware of your surroundings.
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