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Desktop Application

Screen Sharing

Screen Share allows a Beam pilot to share an application window or desktop with those local to the Beam by displaying the image on the Beam screen.

Note: Audio cannot be transferred while Screen Sharing as the pilot microphone overrides all other audio data.

Screen Sharing

  1. Launch and log into your Beam Desktop Application
  2. Begin a Beam session.
  3. Locate the Screen Share icon on the Session Toolbar.
    Note: The icon resembles 2 overlapping windows.
  4. Click the Screen Share icon to view all open, shareable browser windows and desktop.
  5. Choose a window to be shared.
  6. The chosen window will be projected onto the Beam screen for locals to view.
  7. A blue, highlighted, End Screen Share icon now replaces the previous Screen Share icon on the Session Toolbar.
  8. Click the icon again to End Screen Share.

Tips for Screen Sharing

The Screen Share function increases the data load for the network and the pilot's computer. Because the feature is resourcefully intensive, the pilot's system and/or network might not be capable of managing the increased data load necessary for using the Screen Share function.

If you are experiencing an issue while Screen Sharing, consider the following:

  1. Reduce the amount of active devices and users on your network.
  2. Connect the pilot computer directly to the modem or router via Ethernet if possible.
  3. Close all other passive syncing applications on the pilot's computer.
  4. Consider enhancing the pilot computer performance by upgrading the CPU, graphics processor, and/or memory.
  5. The pilot may need to zoom to make the picture visible to the Beam audience. 
    Note: Zoom by double-clicking on the desired screen or hold down the control button plus +/- keys.

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