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Desktop Application

Windows Silent Install

A silent switch for the Windows version of the Beam App installer exists which will require no user interaction during installation. This is a convenient way to streamline the installation process or use in a software deployment platform.

The name of the installer is "beam-stable-#.##.##-win32.exe". Command line switches are listed below:
  • "beam-stable-#.##.##-win32.exe /S" will silently install the Beam App to its default location. 
  • "beam-stable-#.##.##--win32.exe /S /D=directory name" will silently install the Beam App to the specified directory.
The same parameter (/S) is applicable to the Uninstall.exe, too so 'uninstall.exe /S' will silently perform the removal of the Beam App. The parameters, '/S' and '/D,' should be uppercase and the directory (if specified) can contain spaces and backslashes and should not be in quotes.

These commands should be run with administrative privileges or else the end user will be asked for confirmation to run. 

Note: Suitable Technologies does not currently provide an MSI version of the installer.

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