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Enterprise Admin Tool

Beam Activity Logs

The Beam Activity Reporting Tool is available exclusively to administrators of an Enterprise Organization.

You must be an administrator to view Beam activity logs using the Activity Reporting Tool.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard
  3. Select the Activity tab from the main menu.

View your Activity

  1. The page will open a Summary of the current day's call logs for each qualifying Beam in the organization.
  2. The chart displays usage by ten-minute increments.
    Note: You can change this by hovering your cursor over the chart and using your scroll wheel to increase or decrease the accession.

Change your Activity Results

  1. Click the Calendar menu which defaults to the current date at the top left.
  2. Choose a time period from a list of general selections or create a custom time frame using the FROM/TO date fields.
  3. Click Apply to view the results of the selected time period.
  4. View a specific Beam status by clicking the Status menu.
          1. Statuses Defined:
                1. In a call: Beam is currently in session
                2. Missed calls: Call attempts gone unanswered
                3. Offline: Beam is powered off or disconnected from a network
                4. Configuring: A keyboard is connected to the Beam
                5. Upgrading: Software update has been administered

Export a Report

  1. Choose your target time period.
  2. Select a Status.
  3. Click Export CSV at the top right corner of the Activity page.
     The file will export as .CSV
  4. Open the file to view.

Interpreting File Data

  • Column A: Organization: Organization in which the device is located
  • Column B: Device: Beam name
  • Column C: Group: Device group in which the Beam is included
  • Column D: Version: Beam software version
  • Column E: Start: Computer calculation of time in seconds
  • Column F: Start Date: Starting date and time of which the Beam was in a particular state
  • Column G: End: Computer calculation of time in seconds
  • Column H: End Date: Ending date and time of which the Beam was in a particular state
  • Column I: Duration Seconds: Number of seconds in which the Beam was in a particular state
  • Column J: Duration: Amount of time (displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds) in which the Beam was in a particular status
  • Column K: State: Beam status
  • Column L: Pilot: Email of the user account operating the Beam
  • Column M: Pilot Version: Pilot version of Beam App

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