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Create New Device Group

A device group is an organizational unit that can help you separate Beam devices into easily manageable sets. When you link a new Beam device to your organization, you must specify a device group to join. If none is specified, it will automatically be assigned to the Default Device Group. You can use a device group to grant users access to multiple Beams or to control access times. For a comprehensive list of device group settings, click here.

You must be an administrator to create a device group.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard.
  3. Select the Beams tab from the main menu.
  4. Click the +Create Device Group button in the top right corner of the Beams menu.
  5. Enter the desired name for the new device group.
  6. Click +Choose devices to add to this group to select the device(s) you'd like to add.
          - All devices within the organization will be listed.
          - Select one or multiple devices to the group by clicking on their profile.
          - A checkmark will appear next to the selected device(s).
          - Note: Click the highlighted device to deselect.
  7. Click Create Device Group to continue.
  8. The new device group will now be listed on the Beams page.

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