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Add User to Device Group

Every Beam within your Enterprise Organization must be housed within a device group. Device groups allow you to set access times, manage permissions, and apply settings to each Beam within that group.

To allow users to access Beams in a device group, you must add them to the device group. You can add users individually or you can add entire user groups.

You must be an administrator to add a user to a device group.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard.
  3. Select the Beams tab from the main menu.
  4. Select the desired device group to which you'd like to add users.
  5. Select the Members tab from the section menu.
  6. Click +Add Users in the top right corner.
  7. Type the name or email of the user in the Search Users field or locate the user profile in the Available Users list.
  8. Click to select the preferred user account(s).
     - Note: You can add multiple users or user groups.
  9. Selected accounts will be added to the Select Users list.
  10. Click Add Selected Users to confirm.
  11. Added users will appear in the device group Members list.