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Enterprise Admin Tool

Manage Device Group Settings

You must be an administrator to edit device group settings.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard.
  3. Select the Beams tab from the main menu.
  4. Select the desired device group from the Device Group list.
  5. Select Settings from the section menu.

Group Name

  • Enable the text field to edit the device group name by clicking the edit icon.


  • Add or remove users as device group administrators.
  • A device group administrator can perform the following tasks within said device group:
          - Add or invite a user
          - Add or invite temporary users
          - Edit device group settings
          - Edit user access times
          - View activity logs
          - View network and system information


Check the associated box to enable the following:

  • Notify administrators if a Beam is left off the charger
          - Admins of this device group will receive a notification email if a user ends the call prior to docking the Beam.
  • Notify the last pilot if a Beam is left off the charger
          - The user who last piloted a Beam will receive a notification email if they fail to dock the Beam prior to ending the call.
  • Notify administrators when someone requests access to this group
          - Device group admins will be notified via email when someone requests access to the device using the Access Request URL.

Access Requests

  • Display a URL Connection Invitation
          - Checking this box will display a QR code and URL on the Beam screen when the device is idle. Users can scan the QR code using a mobile device, or enter the URL into a web browser to request access to the device group.

Session Answer

  • Add or remove users who can accept incoming session requests for the device group.
    - Note: The administrator must be logged into the Beam App to authorize an incoming call.


  • Select which authentication methods can be used to access devices in the device group.
          - Suitable Technologies
                - Only allow users to sign in and access Beams using Suitable infrastructure.
          - Google
                - Only allow users to sign in and access Beams using third-party Google authentication.
          - All authentication methods
                - Allow users to sign in using their preferred authentication method

Profile Image

  • Set a custom profile image for the device group (viewable only in the management interface).

Beam Content

  • Set a custom image to be displayed on the screen of each device within the device group.

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