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Invite New User

In order to allow a user to connect to your Beam, the user must be invited to join your organization. You can invite using the Beam Mobile App or via email using the web-based Beam Management Interface. Below you'll find instructions for inviting a new user via the Enterprise Beam Admin Tool.

You must be an administrator to invite a new user.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard.
  3. Click Invite a New User.
  4. Complete the Invite a New User form.
          - Enter the user’s email address
          - Enter User’s First and Last name (optional)
          - Assign a device group
            Note: If no device group is assigned, the user will be invited to the organization, but will NOT have access to any Beams.
          - Assign a user group (optional)
          - Mark the box to Include a link to the Beam software if the user has not yet downloaded the Beam® Desktop App.
          - Mark the box to Email a copy to myself if you would like a copy of the invitation details.
  5. Click Invite User to send the invitation.
          - The new user will be notified via email of the following:
                - Organization in which they were invited
                - The device group(s) to which they are assigned
                - Username (email) assigned
                - Temporary password (if the account is new)
                - Link to download the Beam App (if the option was checked)
  6. After sending the invitation, the user profile will be added to your Users list.
  7. Select Users from the main menu on the Enterprise Admin Dashboard to view a list of users.