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Invite Temporary User

In order to allow a user to connect to your Beam, the user must be invited to join your organization. You can invite full access users (Members) or temporary access users (Temporary Users). A temporary user can only access a Beam or group of Beams for the limited period of time granted by the administrator. This feature is ONLY available to Enterprise Organizations. 

You must be an administrator to invite a temporary user.

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. You will be redirected to the Enterprise Beam Admin Dashboard.
  3. Click Invite a Temporary User.
  4. Complete the Invite a Temporary User form.
          - Enter the temporary user’s email address.
          - Assign a device group (required).
          - Select Starting and Ending date and time (required): Time will reflect the time zone of the Beam.
          - Mark the box to Include a link to the Beam software if the user has not yet downloaded the Beam Desktop App.
          - Choose if the temporary user will Require Session Answer.
  5. Click Invite to send the invitation.
          - Temporary users will be notified via email of the following:
                - Organization in which they were invited
                - The device group(s) to which they are assigned
                - Access times assigned
                - Username (email) assigned
                - Temporary password (if the account is new)
                - Link to download the Beam App (if the option was checked)
  6. After sending the invitation, the user profile will be added to your Users list.
  7. Select Users from the main menu on the Admin Dashboard to view a list of users.