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SSO Domain Verification

To support Single Sign-On (SSO), and editing of users within your domain, your organization must verify that it owns the domain associated with your users' email accounts. You can do this via a DNS TXT entry or CNAME entry.

Options for Verifying Domain Ownership

To verify ownership of your domain, you can add a TXT record or a CNAME record to your domain's DNS settings. Both record types can be added using the administration tools at your domain host. The exact steps for your host might vary. Below you can find generic steps for adding these records to your host's DNS settings. You will find instructions for this process below. 

  1. Sign In To Your Domain Hosting Account

    Your domain host is the Internet hosting service that stores the records you need to update when you set up SSO/SAML. These DNS records control where you receive your email, your web addresses, and settings for your domain.

    If you are unsure who your domain host provider is, you may use the whois lookup page provided by ICANN, a non-profit organization that compiles domain information. 

    • Enter your domain name in the search field and click Lookup.
    • In the results page, look for the Registrar section for the name of your domain host and website.

  2. Locate DNS Records

    The DNS records page is commonly referred to as: "DNS Zone Files," "Name Server Management," or "Advanced Settings." Please contact your domain host for more specific instructions for locating your DNS records.

    Example TXT Records 
     @ v=spf1 mx
     @ v=spf1 mx

    Example CNAME Records
      Name / Host / Alias  Time To Live (TTL)  Record Type  Value / Answer / Destination 
      www  86400  CNAME or @ 
      mail  86400  CNAME or @ 

  3. Add the Suitable Technologies TXT or CNAME Record

    Unique values for record entry can be generated on the Organization page of your Beam Admin Tool.

     Login and select Organization > Authentication.
    • Under Domain Management, enter your domain name.
    • Upon submitting your entry, you'll notice options for Verify with DNS TXT and Verify with DNS CNAME.
    • Select your preference. View Step 4 for values. 

     Example TXT Record  Example CNAME Record
    Name / Host / Alias 
    Blank or @
    Time To Live (TTL)
    Record Type 
    Value / Answer / Destination
    Name / Host / Alias
    Time To Live (TTL)
    Record Type
    Value / Answer / Destination

  4. Save Your Changes

    Save your changes. Depending on your domain host, changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect, but most generally occur within a few hours.

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