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Clearing a Captive Portal via Bluetooth

What is a Captive Portal page?

A captive portal is a web page that requires you to accept additional user agreements or provide credentials before you can access the Internet. You may access this web page by sharing the Beam's connection with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or by Ethernet.

When connecting to a WiFi network with a captive portal authentication page, you have the option to clear the page using a helper device. Below are instructions for connecting your Beam using Bluetooth.

Note: Bluetooth sharing is only available on single radio devices. Bluetooth PAN tethering is not supported on iPhone.

Clearing a Captive Portal via Bluetooth

  1. Insert a USB keyboard into the USB port under the face of the Beam.
  2. From the Device Settings menu, highlight WiFi Setup. Press Enter to select.
  3. Highlight your preferred network in the list of available networks. Press Enter to select.
  4. The Beam may prompt a page indicating the network does not require a password. If so, choose Connect to this network to continue.
  5. If the Beam is equipped with only one WiFi radio, it will display the option to Share via Bluetooth.
  6. Highlight and select Share via Bluetooth.
  7. Choose a helper device that is Bluetooth capable.
    Note: Bluetooth PAN tethering is not supported on iPhone.
    • Disable WiFi and/or mobile data on your helper device.
    • Enable Bluetooth tethering on your helper device.
    • Disconnect from any existing Bluetooth devices.​
  8. When the helper device is ready, select Enter on the Beam to continue.
  9. The Beam will display Bluetooth connection instructions. Press Enter to continue pairing with Beam.
  10. On your helper device, choose the Bluetooth device shown on the Beam screen.
    • Enter the PIN provided to pair.
  11. Press Enter on the Beam when the helper device is successfully connected.
  12. Open a new browser window on the helper device.
    • The captive portal screen will load to allow you to sign in or accept the terms.
  13. Upon successful sign on, press Enter on the Beam screen to continue.
    • wlan0 will be successfully configured.

Ensure WiFi radio is Successfully Connected

  1. Esc back to the Device Settings page on your Beam.
  2. While WiFi Setup is highlighted, press Ctrl+Shift+N to view your network adapters.
    • RED = Configuration Unsuccessful 
      • Repeat steps above to reconfigure. 
    • GREEN = Active interface: Configured.
    • GRAY = Inactive interface: Configured.
  3. Disconnect the keyboard from the Beam.
  4. Return your helper device to its original state.

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