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Beam Network - Allow 2.4 GHz Networks

By default, Beam is designed to ONLY recognize networks operating on a 5.0 GHz frequency as it is favorable among frequency bands. Find out why in our article, Beam Network - 5.0 GHz; however, if no 5.0 GHz network is accessible, you can enable the 2.4 GHz feature on the Beam alternatively. 

Configure your Beam to connect to 2.4 GHz networks

  1. Insert a USB keyboard into the USB port on the Beam. See below for port locations:
          - Beam Standard and Enhanced: Under the Beam's face (screen/speaker)
          - BeamPro: Behind the hatch at the back of the BeamPro's head
  2. From the Device Settings menu, highlight Options. Press Enter to select.
    1. For new Beam setup, press CTRL+Shift+D on the Language screen to view the Device Settings menu.
  3. Select Network Options.
  4. Change the Frequency bands to use to Both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.
  5. Escape back to select the WiFi Setup menu. 
    1. All 2.4 GHz networks within range will be displayed.
  6. Select your preferred network to configure. 

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