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Operation and Setup

Storing Beam

Suitable Technologies recommends leaving your Beam Presence Technology on a properly functioning charging dock at all times. If you must store your Beam, you can safely store it up to 3 months after performing a graceful shutdown.

If the Beam will be stored longer than 6 months, we recommend charge cycling the Beam periodically. Storing a Beam for long periods of time (3+ months) without recharging will completely deplete the Beam's battery and may require replacement before functionality can be restored.

Shutdown Instructions: Beam Standard and Enhanced

  1. Guide the Beam off the charging dock.
  2. Insert a USB keyboard.
  3. From the Device Settings screen choose Tools > Power > Shutdown.
  4. Remove the keyboard.
  5. Allow the Beam to power down completely.

Shutdown Instructions: BeamPro

  1. Guide the BeamPro off the charging dock.
  2. Press and release the power button at the rear of the base.
  3. Allow the BeamPro to power down completely.
  4. Remove the lid from the top of the base.
  5. Disconnect the battery cable.

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