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Operation and Setup

Beam Setup - Identifying Your Beam

For support purposes, you may be asked to provide the 9-digit head serial number for your Beam system. See below for location tips based on the model and/or account affiliation.  


Can be found attached to the robot's exterior.

  • BeamPro: behind the hatch at the back of the head
  •  Beam+ Gen 2: under the face of the head near the USB ports
  •  Beam+ Gen 1: at the bottom of the beam's base
    • There will likely be two serial tags listed here. Please provide both.
    • *NOTE: To expose the bottom of the base, power down the unit,
      then gently lay the beam on its side while supporting the head. 


Must have administrator access to the organization dashboard.

  1. Log into your Beam account Dashboard
  2. Select Beams from the main menu
  3. Locate the preferred device in the Devices section
  4. Click the device card to view the system details
  5. Click the 'Advanced' button under the device name
  6. You'll find the Serial Number listed under System

 For additional information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..