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Configuring a Basic WiFi Network

To connect your Beam Presence System to a WiFi network, a USB keyboard is required.

  1. Insert a USB keyboard into the USB port on the Beam. See below for port locations:
    • Beam Standard and Enhanced: Under the Beam's face (screen/speaker)
    • BeamPro: Behind the hatch at the back of the BeamPro's head
  2. Highlight WiFi Setup on the Device Settings screen. Press Enter to select.
  3. Use the down arrow key to highlight your preferred network. Press Enter to select.
    Note: As a default, Beams are set to detect 5 GHz networks only. If you don't see your network in the list, click Ctrl+Shift+A for Advanced options.
  4. Key in your network password. Press Enter to confirm.
  5. Allow the Beam to complete the configuration process.
    Note: If the configuration wheel hangs at any point, see our configuration troubleshooting article for more information.
  6. Upon successful configuration, a green checkmark will appear under the password field.
  7. Remove the keyboard to begin beaming.

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