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Operation and Setup

Restore Beam to Factory Default Settings

A factory restore will NOT unlink your Beam from its current organization. See Consumer Admin Tool - Unlink Beam or Enterprise Admin Tool - Unlink Beam alternatively. 

Uses for Factory Restore

  • Clear all existing network configurations (Not recommended for 802.1x networks)
  • Return all settings to factory defaults
  • Clear some errors

Restoring a Beam to Factory Default Settings

  1. Remove the Beam from the charging dock.
  2. Insert a USB keyboard into the USB port on the Beam. See below for port locations:
          - Beam Standard and Enhanced: Under the Beam's face (screen/speaker)
          - BeamPro: Behind the hatch at the back of the BeamPro's head
  3. Highlight Tools from the Device Settings main menu. Press Enter to select.
  4. Highlight Factory Restore. Press Enter to select and again to confirm.
  5. Allow the Beam to power down completely. 
  6. Reboot the Beam. See device based instructions below:
          - Beam Standard and Enhanced: Return the Beam to the charging dock for automatic startup.
          - BeamPro: Press the gray power button at the back of the BeamPro's base to startup.

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