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We're transforming human interaction in an increasingly virtual world.
Finally, a personal and natural way to collaborate, check in and be present, no matter where you are.



We're transforming human interaction in an increasingly virtual world.
Finally, a personal and natural way to collaborate, check in and be present, no matter where you are.


40% of Fortune 50 companies use Beam.


The use of smart technology, such as the smart speaker, which now a mainstay in over 39 million American homes alone, is changing the way we lead our lives. Thanks to appliances and devices that use sensors, databases, and wireless access to collaboratively enhance a variety of environments, technology now allows for a much more personalized household.

Here are some of our favorite ways that smart technology has made itself right at home in households worldwide:

A Better Way to Handle Household Chores

The smart home just got a whole lot smarter as technology integrates to provide homeowners with a cleaner home. All you need to do is tell Alexa or Google Assistant to tidy up, and a Wifi-enabled robot vacuum springs into action to keep floors and rugs pristine - even if you’re not in the same room or at home at all, for that matter. This technology is just the start of what will likely soon be an army of robotic household cleaners and service providers that even put themselves away when done.

Cooking Up New Approaches to Make Meal Prep Easier

Put away your cookbooks and stop fretting about not being at home in time to turn down the slow cooker because today’s modern kitchen can be the ultimate sous chef. From interactive cooktops that connect to the internet and gives you touchscreen access to online recipes and smart cookers that allow you to remotely adjust the temperature and pressure, now it’s easier than ever before to whip up the perfect meal.

Beyond cooking, other technology, such as lights you can tell your virtual assistant to adjust for just the right dining ambiance and fridges that tell you when to buy groceries, smart tech is so prevalent that you can find options to virtually control everything - including the kitchen sink.

Connecting Families on the Go

A house is a building, but a home is much more than that: it’s a place of fellowship and connection. And sometimes life necessitates that one of the parents - or even both - aren’t  home to provide help and guidance for their children. When it comes time to oversee homework, spend quality time or tuck a little one in bed, telepresence technology offers the perfect way for parents or other family members to make it home in time for those precious moments - regardless of where they physically are in the world.

From the Internet of Things to the little things that make all the difference, smart technology is slowly but surely finding its way in households worldwide as the newest - and most welcome - members of the family.

Home2.0 Mobility


Break free from conference room walls, geographic borders and time constraints using Beam Presence® to go from here to virtually anywhere. This freedom to move within an environment in a natural, more human way opens up new avenues of professional and personal communications.

Home2.0 Security


Beam was built from the ground up with our own proprietary software and algorithms. Using industry-standard technology such as TLS/SSL, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA1, Beam encrypts all communication that travels through our system to ensure your calls remain private and secure.

Home2.0 Collab 3


Roll up to your colleagues to troubleshoot, review artwork, or give a killer presentation. Beam has transformed the way individuals, teams and companies interact and work together. Professional relationships are stronger, corporate culture more cohesive, and creative projects more successful.

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