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Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift? Beam is Now Available at Microsoft Store

We’re thrilled to announce that, just in time for the holidays, Beam presence systems are now available at select Microsoft Store locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia, and also online at

Microsoft store management and staff will also be able to use Beams for enhanced communication in retail locations, while at the same time delighting customers who can now interact with Beam through personalized store experiences.  

Microsoft and Suitable Technologies share a commitment to helping people collaborate and communicate more easily in our modern era. The perfect solution for the challenges of remote work, our telepresence systems give people the freedom to “Beam in” from wherever they are in the world, drive the device around and have natural, face-to-face conversations with coworkers and colleagues without assistance from other people -- just as if they were there in person.

The value of Beam presence technology extends beyond business uses and into the home for personal connections and interactions as well. “This immersive technology allows parents to enjoy dinner with their families while traveling on business, or to say hello to their parents from anywhere with an internet connection. In a world of shrinking personal time, Beam provides a higher level of interaction that normal screen-to-screen technology cannot achieve,” said Bo Preising, our chief innovation officer.

Microsoft is a pioneering company that has paved the way for so many innovations in technology; we are honored to have our Beam telepresence systems available for purchase at online at