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Stanbridge University Integrates Telemedicine Robotic Capabilities into its Curriculum

As you know, we’re very interested in making sure the world knows that Beam is an excellent tool for the healthcare industry. It enhances communication, collaboration and the human connection that is a vital factor in medicine.

The doctors at Stanbridge University agree. They have added the Beam to their staff roster, to aid in teaching and patient care. As telepresence becomes an ed-tech fixture, medical professionals will need to be as comfortable working with Beam as they would with an in-person colleague or patient, and now the Stanbridge healthcare workers will have those skills.

Stanbridge nursing degree and certificate programs as well as occupational therapy degree programs will be using Beam in their courses. Dr. Mark Petersen, who heads up the Graduate OT program at Stanbridge, said "The Beam virtual communication device advances the reach of telehealth in all areas of occupational therapy practice for therapists to provide services in the client's natural environment. Students will also be able to participate in distance learning opportunities from instructors who are able to provide clinical skills trainings in multiple sites simultaneously."

The Beam is a perfect tool for medical professionals; it helps physicians be in multiple places at once, alleviating both teaching and staff shortages. It enables better work in remote areas and faster assistance during emergencies. It’s an efficient way to take advantage of skilled doctors and nurses. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, collaboration is key to successful outcomes; “If we wish to succeed in improving outcomes for students, practitioners, patients, and populations, then we need to consider working together in these environments through collaborations.”

Other systems that are currently using telepresence include Bronson Medical in Michigan, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Children's Hospital Boston, and many more; in fact, thousands of hospitals in the U.S. and abroad are using telemedicine devices to connect specialists and doctors to patients and programs that are lacking expertise at times. Beam is just what the doctor ordered!