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The Latest in Home and Workplace Health Tech

Smart PJs

Xenoma makes smart clothes -- what kind of smart? The kind that makes sure that patients stay safely in their beds. More specifically they make “e-skin” which is a wearable interface that can be incorporated into clothing for a variety of purposes. For example, the skin could be incorporated into pajamas worn by dementia patients to cut down the amount of active monitoring required. If a patient got out of bed or left a designated area, an alarm would notify caregivers. The clothing is durable and washable, and the company makes it available to developers, so hopefully we’ll be seeing this technology pop up in all kinds of places.

Finally, a good reason to be on your phone

We use apps for everything -- in fact, we are on our mobile devices for up to five hours a day. So while we’re chatting with friends or playing games, why not do a skin cancer check? The creators of Doctor Hazel envision a world where everyone gets a free AI-powered skin cancer screening by using their phones. Still in the data-collection phase, the app gets smarter as more people use it. Doctor Hazel wants to free up doctors by lowering the time spent diagnosing skin cancers so that they can spend more quality time with their patients. It’s exciting to see how technology can lead to more human connection and healthier living.

Don’t Break Your Back

At one point or another, many of us have injured our backs due to overexertion, or lifting heavy objects. (Did you really need to help your friend move into a fourth-floor walkup?) Then there are those who need to lift heavy objects as part of their jobs; how can they protect their bodies better? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the direct and indirect costs of lift-related injuries comes in at an astonishing 56 billion dollars a year and 89 million workers are exposed to preventable injuries. StrongArm Technologies is trying to eliminate workplace industries with its V22 ErgoSkeleton, which straps on like a backpack. The system transfers weight from your arms and back to your whole body, which reduces the chance of injury.

The more ways technology can improve the way we work, the better. You’re still not going to have a good time helping your friend move, but at least it won’t hurt so much the next day...