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5 Indispensable Office Tools to Help You Ace Your Productivity

Technological innovations have been a boon to office productivity, particularly in the age of remote work. Now that such advances are both scalable and affordable, you’ve got the power at your fingertips to bridge any gap for more efficiency - and success - in your workplace.

Telepresence & your team

We’ve pointed out the growing trend of Beams being team members, how they help leaders be more efficient, even remotely, and even how to make sure your telepresence tactics are up to snuff.

Beams enable teams to:

  • Stay in touch
  • Hire the right talent no matter the location
  • Minimize business travel interruptions
  • Bring a client in at a moment’s notice
  • Access each other effortlessly

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Beyond telepresence technology, here are a few additional indispensable office tools to make your work life easier, more intuitive and more productive.

Time to renovate your tools

Let’s start with someone we all use all day, every day. That keyboard. Is it boring? Loud? Black? Corded? It’s time for an upgrade and Penclic has some models that will jazz up your desk and brighten your life. Fun colors like gold and pink -- though if you’re partial to black they have you covered -- and an ergonomic design that makes your hands feel great

 MG 4502 HIGH

Tim Cook says that sitting is the new cancer! Maybe standing up isn’t such a bad idea. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in office spaces. If you want employees to warm up to the idea, be sure to get one that adjusts, so that sitting is an option as well. The Jarvis Standing Desk is attractive, easy to use, and it’s even programmable. A mat is a solid addition, to prevent sore legs and creaky knees.

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Even in quiet offices, there’s a fair amount of background noise -- street sounds, copiers, teammates on calls, etc. A good pair of headphones can be your best friend at work; even better if they are noise-cancelling. Bose QuietComfort are tough to beat. They perform well, are comfortable on the ears, and even have Google assistant built in.



Whiteboards are another fact of office life. Get rid of that old marker-stained thing in the conference room and treat yourself to a Samsung Flip Interactive Touchscreen display. Whiteboards can be fun again! The surface is smooth and feels almost like paper. You can connect to just about anything, including a PC, laptop, tablet, phone or USB device. The board captures everything, transmits it and even keeps it secure, so no one can steal your Next Great Idea.