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Beam Changes How OAC Collaborates

Step into the offices of OAC Services on any given day, and you’ll probably see a robot whiz by – yes, a robot.

OAC is not a tech company or a new startup. The firm has been around for more than sixty years. OAC is not into gaming (although their employee lounge rivals anything you might see at one of these companies); they’re not app company – they provide project and construction management, forensic architecture, building envelope consulting and structural engineering services.

Nicci Valiquette, who was recently featured in the Seattle Times, uses the BEAM as part of her job as chief of staff at OAC Services in Seattle.

“We have some of the most brilliant and talented people on our team, and it’s a blast getting to work with them every day. We’ve won four “best places to work” awards in the past two years, which really says something about our culture. Secondly, it’s being a part of OAC’s incredible growth. As we grow, we’re always utilizing new, cutting-edge productivity and collaborative technology to stay on the same page across disparate teams and clients. For example, use of things like the Beam — a mobile telepresence robot that lets us meet with others “in person” from anywhere in the world — help us truly be in more than one place at the same time, getting more done every day!”

We love empowering our clients, such as OAC, by delivering technology that supports stronger communication, collaboration and access to large teams.

The BEAM robot has changed the way OAC serves its clients and community. It has allowed a greater level of interaction, opened up collaborative processes between large teams, and given clients more access to their consultants so they can make better, quicker decisions. This has improved schedules, reduced costs (flights, gas, utilization, etc.), and improved communications – all aspects of successful projects.