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beam pro specs 3

BeamPro Specifications
Height: 62.5in (158.7cm)
Width: 20in (50.8cm)
Depth: 26in (66cm)
Weight: 90lb (40.8kg)

BeamPro Dock Specifications
Height: 11in (27.9cm)
Width: 23in (58.4cm)
Depth: 19in (48.3cm)
Weight: 12.8lb (5.806kg)

BeamPro Shipping Specs
Includes fully assembled Beam (standing) with dock and keyboard in ATA case
Length: 22in (55.88cm)
Width: 32in (81.28cm)
Height: 67in (170.18cm)
Weight: 200lb (90.7185kg)

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