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Our Corporate Culture of Connection & Collaboration: A Day in the Life of Beam

We often blog about how telepresence technology is a productivity game changer for companies of all sizes. But we’re not just armchair evangelists – here at Suitable Technologies, we use Beam professionally and personally on a daily basis.

Today we invite you to take a peek behind-the-scenes with Beam to get to know us a bit better, and to also perhaps find inspiration about new ways telepresence tech can help support your corporate culture in becoming more connected, collaborative and creative.

Make the Most Out of Meetings

Like most companies today, ours is a geographically diverse, global company with numerous employees and colleagues working remotely.  And much of the work we do is collaborative in nature, requiring frequent meetings, both scheduled and impromptu. Because off-site team members have full control over their own mobility, it’s easy to make meeting magic happen throughout any given day.

General employee meeting at our Palo Alto headquarters – standing room only!

A desk side chat with our Marketing & PR team

Every room’s a huddle room with Beam!

Touring the Facilities

For manufacturing and sales companies like Beam, giving a personal tour to visitors can be a truly transformative experience. In this case, our tour guide is Beaming in to show a group of Japanese students our warehouse; from time to time we also welcome customers and other interested parties to Beam in and experience the technology as they get an inside look at our facilities.

Bonding During Breaks

Some of the best times to foster friendship and camaraderie with coworkers is when you break bread – or even better, taco or donuts – during break time.

Celebrating National Donut Day

We love our local taco truck…

… and even being too busy to leave our desks doesn’t stop us from taco time!

We Value Work/Life Balance

Just as telecommuting allows remote workers more time in their schedule to tend to personal and family matters, it also allows us to check in on our families from work.

Popping into family dinner

Fitness (and Fun) Counts

When it’s time to virtually stretch our legs, we find fun and creative ways to get rolling. Why sit around watching sporting events on TV when you can create your own version?

World Cup Soccer 2018 at our Kansas City office

We’re Serious About Socializing

When the day is done, there’s still more bonding to be done. From hanging out at Happy Hour to our holiday party, Beam makes it easy for all of our team to join in on the festivities.


How does Beam fit into your corporate culture? Share your pictures on social media and tag us – we’d love to shine a spotlight on your company.