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General FAQ

Beam Transfer of Ownership

If you plan to sell or donate your Beam Presence Technology, please use the checklist below to ensure all requirements are met prior to releasing ownership to an alternative party.

*New owners are responsible for any Service and Subscription fees required for the device. All warranty and service agreements are device based and will transfer to the new owner profile.

Requirements for Ownership Transfer

  1. Perform a Factory Restore
    We encourage Beam administrators to perform a factory restore on the device to clear all previously configured networks.
          - Beam Operation - Factory Restore
  2. Unlink the Beam from its current organization
    Be sure to unlink your Beam from its current organization. A Beam is limited to affiliation with one organization at a given time. If the Beam is not unlinked from its existing organization, the new owner will not be allowed to link the Beam to their new/preferred organization.
          - Enterprise Admin - Unlink Beam 
          - Consumer Admin - Unlink Beam
  3. Power down the Beam
    Ensure the Beam is completely powered off prior to transport. If the battery is left uncharged for an extended period, it may not be recoverable. ​​
          - BeamPro - Shut Down or Restart Manually
          - Beam - Shut Down or Restart Manually - Use Complete System Shutdown instructions
  4. Report your transfer to GoBe Robots
    Ensure the new owner information is provided to GoBe Robots for recording purposes. Submit your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..