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Beam Celebrates Senior Citizens Day

Thirty years ago, President Ronald Reagan and the U.S. Congress declared August 21st to be an annual day to honor the vital role senior citizens play in our country. At the time, President Reagan said, “Throughout our history, older people have achieved much for our families, our communities, and our country. That remains true today, and gives us ample reason this year to reserve a special day in honor of the senior citizens who mean so much to our land.”

His words ring just as true to today, and now, thanks to technological advances, being able to support, honor and demonstrate love and appreciation for the elders in our lives can be done up close and in person, regardless of geographic location.

Here are four ways we recommend letting the senior citizens in your life know how much you care about and appreciate them every day, and especially on Senior Citizens Day:

1) Stop in for a visit.

Whether it’s planned or a spontaneous, unexpected moment, the best way to show someone you care  is to make an “in person” visit. Telepresence technology makes popping in to see loved ones easy, instantaneous and affordable. For example, our Art Director, Nate Digre, frequently visits his mom and her friends at her home in Alexandria, MN from his home in the Bay Area. Forget the plane ride and just log on to say hello!

Beaming in to Elder Mom at Grand Arbor assisted living

Karla Mom Nate Bernie DaveOnBeam

2) Take your loved one out for the day.

Beam works both ways, so for those seniors that are housebound due to illness or other mobility limitations, it’s easy for them to pilot a Beam and “leave” the house. While it can be as simple as taking a walk in the park with you, your loved one can also take advantage of cultural opportunities, too. For example, many museums offer virtual tours, such as the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, among others.

3) Make sure your elder is set up for success to age in place.

Aging in place isn’t just a lofty goal - according to AARP, 90% of people ages 65+ want to stay  in their own homes for as long as possible. Help set your loved one up for in-home success with a Beam. From allowing  caregivers make “house calls” to the emotional support telepresence provides when friends and family are able to make more frequent visits, you can be part of an ongoing solution that isn’t reserved just for Senior Citizens Day.

4) Help your loved one “work it.”

For some, the loss of mobility means a loss of employment opportunities, long before he or she was ready or even could afford to retire. The powerful combination of telepresence technology and remote work opens up the opportunity for older people to put off – or perhaps even skip – retirement to continue to be a vital part of the workforce. This Senior Citizen Day, consider helping an elder you care about find meaningful employment via remote work options that can open up new worlds -- and new income streams.

We salute the senior citizens that have contributed so much to our country. It’s our greatest hope that telepresence technology is the key to leading a richer life at every age.