If you own a Beam™ or BeamPro™, or if you manage Beams for your company or organization, this documentation is for you.

All or your Beams and Beam Users are contained within what is known as a Beam Organization. This Beam Organization is managed 100% by you, the customer. The person who manages the users and devices of an organization is known as the Beam Administrator.

Take a look at the topics included to find what you’re looking for. If you still have questions, we’ve got lots of answers to common questions at the Beam Help Center.

Set Up a New Beam

Do you have a new Beam™ or BeamPro™? Link it to your existing Beam organization or create a new Beam Organization:

Connect a New Beam to Your Account

Managing with the Basic Beam Manager

Check out the Basic Beam Manager Guide to learn how to add users to your organization, set permissions and change settings.

Managing with the Advanced Beam Manager

Check out the Advanced Beam Manager Guide to learn how to add users to your organization, set permissions, view activity and change settings. The Advanced Beam Manager is included with BeamPro™. There is an upgrade fee for use with Beam™.

Configure Beam with a USB Flash Drive

Learn how to configure Beam with a USB Flash drive to import WiFi certificates and network configuration on a Beam or to assist in streamlining configuration for a large Beam deployment.

Run Network Diagnostics from the Beam App

Learn how to run network diagnostics from the Beam App to test a site’s connection prior to receiving your Beam or to troubleshoot Beam network traffic issues.